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Denise Rich, Fitness Instructor

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Denise Rich

Hi!  My name is Denise Rich.  I started my fitness journey 5 years ago.  Just like many people, I put my family, work and friends before my health.  We were about to be empty nesters and thought now is the time for me.  So, I joined a local gym community and was soon entering all the nutrition challenges possible.  After 1.5 years, I lost over 45 pounds!!  Just small, simple and consistent changes to nutrition and committing to working out 6 days a week.  Then we moved.  Now I needed to find a similar community of support of health and fitness.  I was lucky to find one similar and continued on my journey to better health and “me time”.  Unfortunately, due to COVID and the shutdowns, that small gym closed.  Was I sad – you bet, but that was not going to stop my journey.  I luckily live down the street from my new gym family, Farrell’s.  This was a completely different workout than what I was familiar with but I had to give it a chance.  I was not going to quit on my goals and new lifestyle.  I started Farrell’s in the summer of 2020, not the easiest time to start a gym but it was the best time.  I absolutely loved learning to kickbox and I have always loved strength training.  Even though my weight was plateaued at this time, my energy was increasing, my sanity was saved and I began to find joy in things again.  After I was asked to coach, I was shocked but love a great challenge.  So here I am, one of the coaches at STP Farrell’s and absolutely love it.  Now I have the opportunity to coach individuals in their finances and fitness.  What an amazing combo.  My favorite part of this opportunity is meeting so many amazing and supportive people.  I love hearing about everyone’s journeys and look forward in helping everyone achieve their goals along the way.  Let’s lift heavy and have fun!  

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