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Evelyn Boone, Fitness Instructor

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Evelyn Boone

I would like to think that I’ve always been an active individual, as I’ve indulged in many physical activities such as hiking, rock & tree climbing, bicycling, track and field, softball, and performing arts as it relates to dance.  The goal when walking into FBX St. Paul was to get rid of that mindset I had about being able to reach certain fitness and health goals that I once thought were unachievable.  


I entered the first FXB ten week challenge for St. Paul back in 2019 and was one of the finalists for that challenge, losing 8% of my body fat!  I loved the foundational elements that make up the ten week challenge and how the accountability with others helped boost my confidence, which made the process more internal.  I felt more confident about myself and my abilities to make those necessary changes for a healthier lifestyle for me and my teenage son.  


Making the transition from being a FIT member to a FIT instructor for FXB shows the wonderful magic of the program and the beautiful possibilities that can be achieved within it!  I love being a fitness instructor for FXB because I get to help push people far outside the norm of what they think is possible for themselves to achieve! 


I think it’s dope that through exercise, muscle failure, motivation, and laughter I get to help encourage people towards their health and fitness goals and a happier life!  I’m very grateful and appreciative for the continued career opportunities, mentorships, and friendships established at FXB!

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