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Evelyn Padilla, Fitness Instructor

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Evelyn Padilla

I’ve always been a huge fan of working out because it helps me stay physically healthy, but it also plays a huge role in maintaining a good mental health which is extremely important to me. Before moving to the Twin Cities from California, I had participated in some challenging exercise programs like a Fit for Fire bootcamp and TRX suspension training classes.

In 2016, I needed a way to manage daily stressors in a healthy way, so I Googled “kickboxing in St. Paul” and I found a studio that offered a new challenging workout. After about a year, I took a break and bought my own kickboxing bag but working out alone in your basement just isn’t the same!

During the height of the pandemic, I was struggling to maintain my physical and emotional health and I knew I needed to do something about it. I had noticed the Farrell’s studio many times as I drove by, and I finally decided to contact the staff, some of which had belonged to my old kickboxing studio (yay!). I started the 10-week challenge in the Fall of 2021 with the intent of getting myself back into a healthier mindset and I lost 10 lbs. which was a bonus.

I firmly believe that physical exercise can make a huge impact on your emotional well-being – it certainly makes me feel a lot happier. As an instructor, I’m excited to help motivate others to achieve their goals and have a blast while doing so!

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