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Kyle Strop, Fitness Instructor

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Kyle Strop

I was introduced to martial arts back in 2011 and it had a huge impact on my fitness journey! I lost 30 pounds in about 2 years and it made me appreciate putting in hard work to get results. After that martial arts studio closed, I dabbled in different workouts and gyms but I found I wasn’t as consistent as I was before. My friend won the 10-week challenge at the NOLO Farrell’s and that inspired me to join the newly opened St. Paul Farrell’s in 2019. I really enjoyed the community and the workouts and even got my girlfriend and sister to join! I love the combination of kickboxing and weight lifting, and I try to do my best to sweat profusely every workout! I somehow got into the habit of going to the 5 am classes, which still baffles many people, but I find that it’s a great way to wake up and start your day. Hope to see you on the mats bright and early!

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