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Rebecca Main, Fitness Instructor

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Rebecca Main

What initially brought me to FXB was word of mouth via someone who already worked with the FitFam. Ultimately what sealed the deal was meeting even more of the fine individuals who are FXB juggernauts. Their true passion and desire to help others be their best selves aligned 100% with my core beliefs. 

I come from multiple "worlds", being a Powerlifter (26 years), ballerina, hockey player, personal trainer & singer as well as teacher (Physical Education, Health, Choral Education, Elementary Music). The most recent chapter will include working as a Strength & Conditioning coach and achieving some personal goals of obtaining my Masters of Coaching Performance.

What I adore about being an instructor is having the opportunity to help people learn the little steps they can take to craft the life they truly want to have via body transformation.

One of my biggest goals back in 2019 was to be the best version of myself. That person needed to take a hard look at her life and practice what she preached. The journey to do things that once brought fear was ON!! 

Step by step changes were made, goals were reached and small victories continued to be won. 

A recent goal reached is to compete in an equipped powerlifting meet for the first time since high school. My next goal is to lift on the national team and work with elite athletes as well as FXB FitFam.

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