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Sarah Loquasto, Fitness Instructor

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Sarah Loquasto

I have always been an active person and enjoy playing sports. I used to be a "gym hopper", where I would try free weekly trials at various gyms to get in new and exciting workouts. I soon realized the reason I did this was because the majority of these classes were group-based and at gyms where communities and relationships amongst the members had been established. For a period of time, I enjoyed consistently kickboxing twice a week at a large gym, but wanted more opportunities for kickboxing and group workouts in regards to strength training. 
I joined Farrell's in April 2019 after one of my coworkers told me about this new, cool gym that she was going to be doing a 10-week challenge at. I have always been interested in fitness challenges and have a competitive mindset, so I decided to see if there were any Farrell's in the Twin Cities area. After trying out one kickboxing class, I was hooked and signed up for the 10-week challenge! The energy of the instructors and of the gym members has been unparalleled to any gym experience I have had to date. I love that I am never bored with the workouts and feel challenged!
I was interested in becoming a kickboxing and strength training instructor early on because I enjoy motivating and helping others achieve their goals. It's so awesome when you see the progress that everyone makes and becomes hungry for challenging themselves at level 10!

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