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Stef Haglund, Fitness Instructor

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Stef Haglund

I have been athlete most of my life. I was an Irish Dancer for many years in addition to being a short distance runner and hurdler in my school age years and then ran for fitness until my mid 30s. My running consisted of a fare amount of short road races, OCR races and then ran my first marathon and 2 half marathons before the birth of my kids. 
I've had a long history with joint issues and surgeries which has pushed me to try different formats to keep me active.  As such, I've spent more time in physical therapy than I would like, but I like to push my body and try new things.  In 2013 when I turned 40, I became yoga certified and in 2015 I became Barre certified. Both formats I taught for several years.


I came to Farrells (Eagan) in 2017 following Carpal Tunnel surgery as I wasn't able to teach/do yoga on my healing wrist and wanted to keep active.  As such, I initially learned to box with one arm which served me well when I had my second (unrelated) surgery on the same wrist in 2021.  I started teaching shortly after my 10 week session both KB and Strength and am currently a Level 1 instructor.  

I love this community.  Farrells has been a lifeline for me and my physical health and mental health and recognize I'm still a work in progress each and every day.  It's been more than a gym, it's my family and it's my goal to help people on their journey to fitness, whatever that means for them. I am inspired by those that have taken their lives back, regained health and keep showing up and doing the work.

When not at the gym, I am slaying all things HR at a non-profit and then come home to be wife, mom to two kids, 2 dogs, a bunny and likely either a baby chicken or duck depending on the season. 


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