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The Benefits of Working Out With a Friend

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The Benefits of Working Out With a Friend

At Farrell’s, we are all about group fitness and having a blast with our fitfam. But did you know that there are several benefits of kickboxing and strength training with a friend?  


Working out with a friend allows you to hold your partner accountable, push each other along, and support one another along your fitness journeys.


We know how hard it can be to make time to commit to yourself, and working out alone can make that commitment even more difficult. When you schedule your workout with a friend who is depending on you to show up, you tend to honor that commitment. Another added benefit to scheduling your workouts at the same time every day with your friend is that you will also be creating a consistent habit/routine at the same time. And when you workout in studio with your friend-you are not only motivating and inspiring those around you-but if you miss a class-your absence will be felt by not just your friend-but your classmates too!


Working out with friends tends to make us feel more motivated. Studies show that sweating it out with a friend can keep you more enthusiastic and engaged in your exercise routine. Working out together we tend to encourage one another, push each other to do more, and in turn this gets us better results. We may even workout longer (doubles, anyone?!), push ourselves out of our comfort zones and try lifting heavier weights..


Another benefit of working out with a friend is that you can have FUN! Yes-exercise can be fun! Pairing up on a bag and sparring with a friend can help release endorphins, and can make you smile and even laugh your way through your workout. So next time you’re in studio with your workout buddy-smile, laugh, and cheer your partner on-because studies show that this will release more endorphins than just physical exertion alone!


We as human beings are competitive in nature-so working out with a friend will naturally bring out your competitive side. This will lead you to push yourself just a little more than you would if you were working out alone. Studies show that participants that worked out with a friend held their plank 24% longer than those who worked out solo.


If you are working towards a specific goal, having your accountability buddy along with you for the ride will not only help you stick to your commitment, but keep you consistent in your workouts. Consistency over time equals results is our motto-so staying consistent with your accountability buddy will absolutely help you succeed in your goal! 


And June 1st through July 17th, Farrell’s members who refer a friend to workout with them could have a chance to win BIG! With our Summer Fun ReFarrell Raffle Contest-members will receive 1 ticket for submitting an online review (google, facebook, or yelp), three tickets for bringing in a non-member buddy to workout with them, and FIVE tickets if that buddy joins as a member! 


On July 24th, we will draw tickets for our raffle for two chances to win! Our grand prize in studio winner will receive a Summer Prize Package which will include a Solo Stove smokeless fire pit and a 45 gallon Yeti Cooler! And one lucky winner will be drawn amongst our 3 studio locations for the all location Grand Prize of a $1,200 Travel Getaway Package! 


So, grab a buddy and come into class-let’s have some fun together-you may just be our Grand Prize Winner!

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