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Setting Your Meals Up For Success While Away From Home

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Setting Your Meals Up For Success While Away From Home

Ah, summer. In the Midwest when the weather warms up the majority of us start to travel, spend a lot of time outdoors, and away from home. This is a great time to flex that meal prepping muscle, and get creative when you know you will be spending more than a few hours away from home-but want to stay on track and not sabotage those goals.

On The Go

  • Eat a healthy meal before you leave the house if you are going to be away for several hours. Eat something satisfying first-so when you do get hungry, you aren’t reaching for junk (especially after a really heavy strength training day!)

  • Snag a meal prep backpack or lunch bag cooler and pack what you've prepped in advance, and keep it with you on the go. Most gas stations offer a microwave-so not to worry if the thought of eating those veggies and chicken cold sends chills down your spine! Oh-and don't forget your utensils!

  • On the note of packing-pack some snacks while you're at it! Hard boiled eggs, a high fiber/high protein protein bar, celery with PB2, raw veggies and hummus, a protein shake, raw almonds, or nonfat greek yogurt are a great start.

  • On a road trip? Stock up on low-fat string cheese, hard boiled eggs, apples, bananas, pre-cut and washed veggies, tuna, etc. Most gas stations nowadays actually have a refrigerated section for healthy options that will help you stay on track-my favorite? A mini bento box with some fresh fruit for carbs, almonds & cheese for healthy fats, and a hardboiled egg or two for protein (thank you Kwik Trip!)

  • On a plane or train? Order a la carte if possible, and opt for a “snack pack” or “tapas box” (which typically includes nuts/olives/cheese & meat). Make use of your carry-on’s! Pack sandwiches, whole or cut fruit & veggies, firm cheeses, meat, nuts, protein powder, and protein bars.

  • In a hotel-consider booking a hotel with a kitchenette, refrigerator. Ask the hotel to empty out the mini-bar fridge so you can use it for healthy snacks.

  • Get an uber from the airport and stop at a grocery store on the way to your hotel or airbnb! Or, pre-order groceries from a local store with a service like instacart, and/or pre-order meals from a local restaurant delivery service.

  • Browse nearby restaurant menus in advance to plan your meals!

  • Planning a longer than normal stay? Opt to ship food and equipment to your destination (things like a cutting knife, cutting board, shaker bottle, mini blender, & non-perishable food items).



At restaurants

  • Plan ahead. Check out the restaurant's menu online ahead of time so you know what you want, and aren’t tempted by the rest of the menu. And don’t aim for perfection, just pick the menu item that’s best for you.

  • Ask for additional garnishes like lettuce, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, orange slices, etc., or ask for additional grilled chicken or veggies with your pasta or sandwich.

  • Ask for a box when your meal comes-so you can place half of your meal in the container for leftovers, before you even dig in.

  • Practice choosing a meal from the 3 macronutrient groups to keep your body properly fueled for those kickboxing and strength training classes-the most important will be protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Learn to use hand portions (a closed fist equals a portion of carbohydrates, a thumb equals a serving of healthy fat, and a flat palm is a serving of protein). Note that most restaurants actually double the recommended serving.

  • Getting a salad? Ask for no candied nuts or dried fruit (loads of added sugar), and ask for the dressing on the side. Even better? Ask to have olive oil and/or balsamic on the side vs. traditional dressing.

  • If your meal comes with a side of fries or chips, opt to substitute a side salad or steamed veggies instead (unless this is your free meal of the week, of course!)

  • Log your meal in MyFitnesspal-did you know that most restaurants have their data already in MFP? Go ahead and log your meal the best you can-if you can’t find your exact meal, find the closest thing you can, and add it in. The goal here is to get an idea of what you are consuming and be in the habit of holding yourself accountable to your goals-and you’re aiming for “better”, not “perfect”.

  • If you are headed to a party where there will be temptations, eat a healthy meal at home prior to the event, followed by plenty of water. Sip on a sparkling water, or coffee with unsweetened almond milk


We can't wait to hear your creative tips in our private facebook groups-what is YOUR favorite way to eat well while on the go?


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