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Train Like an Olympian-An Interview with Casey Bloemke

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Train Like an Olympian-An Interview with Casey Bloemke

Many of us watched the Olympics saying, “Man, I wish I could be in that sort of shape.” What should people aim for when it comes to their fitness — what’s realistic so you can be in good shape...without the podium or the Wheaties box cover?

This is so very simple. The only thing realistic is to compete against you from yesterday. Once we change our thought process away from trying to be someone else, we’re finally set free on a healthy path with our health and fitness. The right question is this: “ Can I give as much or more intentional effort to my health and fitness than I did yesterday?” If the answer is yes, then the results will fall in line for themselves. This is the path to consistency over time, which is the only way to make fitness a lifestyle, and not simply another failed attempt.

Why can’t we all be Olympians? What are some of the best practices Olympians bring to their workouts that we can emulate—the routines or workout methods that we can aim to practice?

Honestly? Genetics are such a large and unspoken component to most Olympian’s success. Does that mean that extremely hard work doesn’t count? No of course not, but one must have both to have a realistic shot at being an Olympic champion. Instead I think being realistic and understanding that ‘perfect’ is the enemy of ‘really good’...and ‘really good’ can be extremely healthy! If you’re a beginner, just find a way to start moving daily. Walk, do sit ups or crunches at home, move your body side to side or literally anything else to get started. You’ll find that immediately it forces our minds into a more positive state. That in turn leads to reinforcing more movement over time.

Given the pandemic, many people are in the worst shape of their life. What are the key tips to getting into the best shape of your life?

Explore different modalities or workouts and find the one that works for you. There’s a million ways to move. What’s the best workout? It’s simply the one that you actually do consistently long enough to see results. Want an even more efficient way to get in better ‘shape’? Start with nutrition every single time! What’s easier and more efficient? Burning 1,000 calories by jogging 10 miles, or reducing calorie intake by 100 calories? We all know the right answer here. Of course, movement is incredibly important for overall health but when it comes to weight loss, nutrition is ALWAYS where you start. You simply can’t outrun your fork.

What are the barriers to maintaining this “gold standard” of fitness?

Real life, for most of us. I love the idea of setting ourselves up for long-term success. One of the most important parts of this is simply being realistic about our chances of being an Olympic athlete. Start by working towards being the best version of ourselves every day. After some time, if we feel we’re ready for the next level, then we cross that bridge. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are Olympians.

Does FXB NOLO now offer a daily 9am class?

Yes, yes it does.

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