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Step Back To Work Bootcamp

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Step Back To Work Bootcamp

Whether you’re excited about it, still waiting for it, or wondering how it will go, the return to work was always inevitable. But just because you’re back at work from 8 to 5, or working round the clock shifts, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the easy options and flexible schedule that you had when your gym was right in your living room. As we all make the transition back to the workplace over the coming weeks and months, take time to seize opportunities for exercise, better nutrition and lifestyle tweaks in your week (along with your FXB sessions) to stay on track with fitness goals.

Finding Fitness Everywhere

We need to go beyond balance balls at the desk to fit steps and calorie-burn into the workday. And it shouldn’t be rocket science or difficult to do as everyone transitions back to work. Outside of class our instructors recommend 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise three to four times a week. Mix it up with 10 minutes of planks in the morning and take the stairs to your office before and after work. Make or grab a smoothie for lunch, pull up a playlist and clock a couple of laps around the block. None of this replaces regular club classes, kickboxing sessions or working out with our trainers when you can fit that in your schedule, but it’s amazing how much difference incremental and incidental work-out minutes squeezed into your day can make to your cardiovascular health, muscle tone and overall mental well-being.

Eat Right from the Start

It’s easy to grab a junk-food lunch when time is short, or make bad choices when your mind’s on work and the workplace. So make a commitment to eating smart and doing right and overhaul your workday diet right from the moment we all get back to our desk, counter or workplace. An average daily calorie count for weight loss should be around 2,000 for men and 1,500 for women – but that’s a general rule of thumb. It’s far more important to get the nutritional balance right. For some, skipping breakfast could mean your energy levels will drop with your blood sugar levels mid-morning, your stress hormone levels increase and your metabolism slows down. Your body will demand a quick sugar fix – which means bad food choices and a further energy crash later in the day. A vicious cycle. Before work, start with whole wheat cereal and an egg or fruit and yogurt for balanced protein, fiber and energy- boosting carbs. Eat lean protein, vegetables and salad for lunch and have healthy unsalted nuts on hand for energy-boosting snacks. Moderate caffeine consumption and stay hydrated, with an aim to consume 64 ounces of water throughout the day.

Check-In with Your Goals – and Your Trainer
Whenever we have a major lifestyle transition or a schedule change, the ripple effect can knock everything off course. When you miss a class or a session with a trainer, it’s easy to excuse a second absence and let inconsistency set in. Take this transitional time as an opportunity to reassess your workout goals. Are you getting enough cardio and resistance training variety into your workouts? Do you need to add cross training into your workout plan to help prevent injury from overuse? Meet with your trainer, or sign up for a group fitness session now to customize what you need to get from your club, program and schedule as fall approaches.

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