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Joy Auburn, Fitness Instructor

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Joy Auburn


Joy Auburn here. I’ve been a level 2 instructor for both kickboxing and strength training at FXB for over 7 years. My fitness path has been paved with adversity and accomplishments. 


I started martial arts when I was 8 years old, won the State championship for kung fu around age 10, and began instructing martial arts adults by age 11. I instructed kickboxing during high school and won a national championship for jiujitsu at age 20. My various martial arts styles helped with my MMA training in college.


I played football in high school and learned how to lift for power.  In college, I was captain of the rowing team where I learned endurance, and also trained in power lifting and Olympic lifts. I received 3 sports scholarships in college.


After college I faced many challenges: preeclampsia with 2 kids, a half dozen surgeries, arthritis in both knees and shoulders, illnesses, stress, and gaining 75 pounds to name a few. I came to FXB and within 10 weeks, I lost 6% body fat and 12 lbs.  Because of FXB, I’ve excelled at Spartan Races and general fitness goals.  


I also love Farrell’s because it has given me a sense of community. Each gym has a culture of acceptance; whether you’re a pro athlete (or was, as in my case) or never worked out in your life.  I like the personalization and accountability; it is on-going, even after 10-weeks.  What inspires me most is the culture of acceptance - you’re not another person scanning in - your goals and progression matter. 


Form is my specialty, offset by some comic relief. I don’t always dance while on the mic, but when I do . . . Well, come to my class and find out!


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